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The Trouble With Art...
with Jen Clarke
Berlin 2019
For the interim meeting of the Anthropology and the Arts (ANTART) Network, part of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA).
cannibal forking
Space Studios, London for ‘On repetition’, curated Marianne Holm Hansen 2012
the third wing
corporate sponsorship
*Performances are rarely filmed due to the difficulties in recording live art, performance or performance interventions.
Documentation is sometimes in photographic form: a homage to the heyday of live art, the 1960s & 70s. These records, as photographs or other documents, are sometimes manipulated into new artworks.

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BLACCXN (2005-11)

Since 2005, the BLACCXN project has involved an ongoing series of events and interventions based around an imaginary transnational corporation, BLACCXN.

BLACCXN was a range of virtual and real world manifestations. It included a website, inspired by Unilever's website at the time, stating the global ambitions and economic track record. The website also described BLACCXN's efforts to modernize democracy for the 21st century with a proposed new 'Third Wing' for the Houses of Parliament.

Other BLACCXN projects include:
  • performances as BLACCXN PR guru #6
  • Ohm's Law (2007) a novel : the relationship between resistance and power, set in a BLACCXN future-present
  • site-specific interventions - the sponsorship of the old archaeology display at Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge and Capital Growth (2009)

BLACCXN had a commitment to the arts, evidenced in a range of initiatives including artists in corporate residence, the BLACCXN art Łollection, and the annual BLACCXN Prize4Culture.

In the real world, one could buy shares, attend AGMs or come to one of the various public consultation exercises, to name a few of the performances.
  • ‘On Value’, performance as BLACCXN PR guru6, August Art, London, (curated by August Art), 2011
  • Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge, for BLACCXN sponsorhsip intervention, 2010
  • ‘BLACCXN science’, performance as BLACCXN PR guru6, Eye of the Storm, Tate Britain, London (curated by Artscatalyst), 2010
  • ‘Meritocracy’, performance as BLACCXN PR guru 6, Whitechapel Gallery as part of Whitechapel Art Book Fair
  • Tate Modern, for 'Good Art makes Good Business' conference, 2009
  • ‘BLACCXN AGM’, performance as BLACCXN PR guru 6, Canary Wharf, London, 2007 (described by Jack Hutchinson for AN)

performance as PR guru for BLACCXN
performance as PR guru6 at Citigroup Tower, Canary Wharf, London – a site-specific intervention
voting of BLACCXN shareholders

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slide from the third wing powerpoint
the third wing (2006)

Whitechapel Art Gallery
9 Nov 2006

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Sweet on Grassmarket
14 - 28th August 2006

The House of Corporations is coming...! Experience a disturbingly realistic proposal for a new chamber for Parliament at Westminster. Your chance to groupthink the ludicrous logic as big business is finally brought into the democratic fold.

A performance public consultation exercise complete with 'powerpoint' presentation of new architectural drawings and a chance to have your say on the most important decisions within our democracy -

the interior design of the new House of Corporations...

link to youTube film of performance at Whitechapel Gallery (60min)

Because of our huge respect for democracy, we are rolling out a series of public consultations.
We care what you think.
We will take you through our plans, you will listen in awe - amazed at the new newness and shiny shininess of it all. We at BLACCXN - and the government - we believe in transparency. During the public consultation you will be asked some vitally important questions. Your opinion and your vote counts.
site for the new wing of the houses of parliament Birds eye view of the site ear-marked for the new, exciting House of Corporations.

< plans for House of Corporations

< plans for House of Corporations overlaid on current map for Houses of Parliament and surrounding area
victoria tower gardens - site for new House of Corporations Current use of the site for the new exciting House of Corporations - a haven for layabouts and pigeons
europe the game Plans for the new wing were presented to enthusiastic audiences, including the importation of a classical agora (or market place) from Turkey
north view of house of corporations At BLACCXN we are proud to announce our support for our culture and our democracy. So much so that we are building for the government a new wing on the Houses of Parliament. Finally business is brought into the democratic fold. The voice of the corporation is being heard where it should. We are proud to announce
the new House of Corporations.
This will be built on that charming piece of semi-derelict, yet prime, piece of Crown land, Victoria Tower Gardens.

The Third Wing: The House of Corporations

The result of the most important vote since universal suffrage:

Link to the People's Vote on the interior decoration motif of the
House of Corporations
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photograph with guest curator Gustav Metzger
corporate sponsorship (2004)
site-specific intervention into EAST International, Norwich (curated by Gustav Metzger)
‘Making things better’ Salon de Refuses artwork by Jonathan Pierce

An intervention / performance at the private view as PR for The Guidebook, a satirical company with web presence extolling the virtues of a tourist industry based on racist and primitivist marketing.
A precursor for BLACCXN and part of earlier work exploring the tourist gaze, including the exhibition ‘curio’ (2002) and artwork like  ‘The Tourist Gaze’ series of paintings and  ‘The Spectators’ (1999).

The intervention involved Juliette Brown and Alana Jelinek offering all at the private view the opportunity to meet a corporate sponsor, eat a sweet and have their photograph taken while shaking our hands. 
baseball caps with Guidebook logo All photography by Anthony Lam while wearing a baseball cap with The Guidebook logo.
photograph from EAST International

Link to a compilation of photographs from the performance-intervention set to Spanish Flea

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