terra incognita

There were two main strands to terra incognita's work:

ecology and practical conservation  |  art and curating

The most recent emphasis of our work was on ecology and conservation and we brought to this an artworld sensibility.

tree planting the field in flower

The Field was a project where unRomantic ecology meets art-activism in an attitude of contemplation and humility.
The Field 2008-2017

logs and saplings

The archive of terra incognita as a purely urban arts organisation based in Tower Hamlets, London, can also be found here.

terra incognita archive

erika tan for curio exhibition
Image of work by Erika Tan for curio exhibition 2002

Lorrice Douglas for empire and I exhibition 1999
Image of work by Lorrice Douglas for empire and I exhibition 1999

Rea Immablackpiece
Rea's I'mmablakpiece in empire and I 1999

Shaheen Merali 'dig' native for empire and I

Shaheen Merali's 'dig' Native in empire and I 1999 at Axiom Cheltenham

Colin Darke for empire and I at Pitshanger Manor and Gallery
Colin Darke's work in empire and I 1999 at Axiom Cheltenham

The Field | The Exhibition
24 and 25 June 2017
Saturday 10-10 and Sunday 11-4

Studio 140
The Galleria
Pennack Road
Peckham, London
SE15 6PY
rodent gnawing of soap

The Field The Exhibition with
Alana Jelinek | Juliette Brown | Ruksana Begum |
Kinsi Abdullah | Katie Dow | Louis Buckley | Jen Clarke | Abiel Hagos | David Morgan | Gill Morgan | Bertie Morgan | Thomas Morgan |
Marianne Holm Hansen | Richard Houguez | Rachel Anderson | Lucy Williams | Bridget McKenzie | Jean Campbell | Jane Trowell | Derek Matravers| Nadya Kassam
and many others, both human and non-human
fallow deer at the field
Ongoing exhibition throughout the weekend of art and detritus from The Field (2008-2017). Art works and
relics for sale.

Participants of The Field project were invited to make their mark and contribute to an accumulating artwork, a drawing ongoing throughout the first day.
Saturday 24 June 10am onwards
Sunday 25 June 11am-4pm

Nibbles, drinks and conversations, including things made from, at, with the field.

boy woodsman

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