a l a n a j e l i n e k

End the bombing of Gaza
End the Bombing of Gaza
Jewish Voice for Peace

I also pulled out of helping out Manifesta 10

and speaking at The 3nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art,

which are being held in Russia currently,

as soon as Russia invaded and occupied Crimea.

We are each of us participatory of our society.

We are each of us constitutive.

BLACCXN AGM 2008 europe the game played in alba la romaine   Cannibal forking event 2009
art as philosophical praxis*
* theory into practice into theory

site-specific interventions

Most of my work is interventionist, meaning it is made and shown in response to a specific site or context. A few works are 'autonomous', meaning they were made to be shown in a gallery space.

The few 'autonomous' artworks can be found through medium-specific lists, listed interspersed with the site-specific work in descending chronological order:
  • The Fork's Tale as narrated by Itself display
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